The law firm, Arcos & Lamers Asociados, is a multidisciplinary team of professionals based in the Costa del Sol which is composed of lawyers, economists, accountants and tax advisers in Spain. We offer legal, tax and accountancy advice to companies and individuals, whether they are residents or non-residents of Spain.

Accountants in SpainOur expert registered accountants (economists) and tax advisors are able to provide a comprehensive service, which covers legal, tax, accountancy and business advice.

This multidisciplinary team includes English speaking Spanish tax advisers who provide efficient, high-quality legal assistance with a direct and personal approach to the client. Our law firm in Spain is committed to providing a personal service in legal, tax and accountancy advice which therefore wins the confidence of our clients.

We offer an analysis of your company’s accounts so that we are aware of the company’s financial situation and so that we can ensure an efficient corporate management, through the correct management of your accounting.

Our experts process and analyse the documentation provided to us by the client. We then help the client to optimise the management of their company through efficient counselling from a tax point of view and always observing the commercial and tax regulation that is applicable to each situation.